Connecting Communities

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Dynamic Gardens and          Hands-On Education


Growing Minds

Each year, students from West Middle School are hired as Merc Co+op employees to work alongside our experienced garden staff from April through December. Through the season, they'll learn all of the skills to begin, maintain, and clean up the production garden, as well as building social and professional skills at their first job.

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Practicing Sustainability

All produce at our gardens is grown organically. In addition to regular crop rotation and cover crop integration, we utilize trap cropping methods and solarization to deter pests and maintain soil health. This past year, we also committed to minimizing tillage.

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Sharing Bounty

 Our goal when the garden at West Middle School began was to get the produce grown by the students to their classmates. In 2017, over 4,000 samples made with produce from the garden like fresh raspberries with yogurt, butternut squash burritos, and popcorn were provided!  

All of the produce from our second garden project at First Step at Lake View goes directly to the kitchen at that facility. Over 600 pounds of produce were provided for their meals this first summer.


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Investing in the Future

In 2017, Community Mercantile Education Foundation (CMEF) created the Garden Assistant track. For the first time, student leaders who began with the project in middle school could continue growing with the garden through their senior year in high school. Our goal is to prepare students for whatever their futures hold.

After their work in the gardens, our students have gone on to accomplish some amazing things. 

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Growing Food   Growing Hope

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growing food growing health garden video

This beautiful video of the school gardens premiered at The Merc Co+opAnnual Co-op Meeting last November. We hope this video will become a resource for building school gardens in the local area and region. 

We would love for you to share this with your family and friends - you can also find an abbreviated version of this video on the GFGH Facebook page

A huge thank you to Matty D Media LLC for their talents in filming and producing this video.